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bachelor party stripper shows vegas

Stripper Party Package Starts at $1000

The Bachelor Strippers Vegas bachelor party shows gets your bachelor front and center with all of the attention on him.  Play interactive games with the bachelor in the hot seat and give him a stripper party he’ll never forget.  Our bachelor show is both erotic and entertaining.


For the best experience we recommend a 1:5 Stripper to Customer ratio.
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Not an escort agency
Price: $1,000.00 (1) full hour
  • (2) stripper/entertainers 
  • No Hidden Fee’s
  • Real Photos
  • Girls arrive within an hour

Package Inclusions: 

  • Bachelor Striptease Show
  • Bachelor Private Room Dance
  • Group Lap Dances
  • Fully Nude
  • Titty-Time
  • Pussy-Time
  • Spank the Bachelor
  • Bark at the Kitty
  • Pussy Vending Machine

Package Add-ons:

  • Pussy Ping Pong ($20.00 per girl)
  • Candy Race- Tit to Clit ($20.00 per girl)
  • Body/ Whip Cream Shots ($50.00 per girl)
  • Anal Glow Stick Ring Toss ($50.00 per girl)
  • Naked Twister- Everyone Plays ($50.00 per girl)
  • Hot Oil- Girl on Girl Show ($100.00 per girl)
  • Double Sided Dildo Show ($150.00 per girl)
  • Fetish Shower or Bath Show ($150.00 per girl)
  • Erotic Toy Show ($150.00 per girl)

Need more time? 

  • Add an additional hour ($350.00 per girl)

Need more girls? 

  • Add an additional stripper/entertainer ($500 per girl)
*By booking with us on our website or over the phone, you ensure that there are no hidden fee’s and all of the prices are pre-negotiated.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Las Vegas Bachelor Party Shows

What Is A Bachelor Party Show, And How Can I Book An Event?

A bachelor party show is a private event where the groom’s friends come together to celebrate his upcoming marriage. If you’re looking for a Las Vegas bachelor party that will get your friends talking about the experience long after, then we have just what you need! Call us today at (725) 208-5190 and let us plan this special event.

How Much Does A Bachelor Party With Your Strippers Cost?

The cost of this party package starts at $1,000 and you have the option to add various add-ons from Hot Oil Girl-on-Girl Show to Pussy Ping Pong and Fetish Shower.

What Happens At A Bachelor Party In Las Vegas?

Our Bachelor Party Show package includes Group Lap Dances, Striptease Show, Titty-Time, Spank The Bachelor, and so much more. If these things excite you, then book our Las Vegas strippers today!

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