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Safety First


Clients always come first and here at Bachelor Strippers Vegas, we make sure that our clients’ safety, health, and privacy are never compromised. 

We understand how important discretion and safety are to our patrons. From our management personnel down to our lovely ladies, everyone is trained and committed to always prioritize our clients’ well-being, so you can rest assured that you’re safe and secured whenever you come party with us.

Bachelor Strippers Vegas also NEVER store client info. Names, emails, phone numbers, and other private data are all deleted as soon as the event is over. It’s all up to you if you want to keep in touch and should you want us at your next event, you can always reach us through our website and contact numbers. We’d love it if you’ll follow us on social media though, so we can somehow keep you informed of the upcoming events and the latest fun and excitement that’s happening with Bachelor Strippers Vegas

We’ll never blast you with promotional texts or emails and our dancers will never contact you—unless you say hello first. 


COVID-19 Safety First Precautions


Bachelor Strippers Vegas has always implemented safety protocols without awareness from clients. We’d rather take care of keeping everyone safe in the background than involving you, so you can let go and dive into a fantasy world. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation though, health and safety are now more important than ever and everyone is understandably concerned about their well-being wherever they go and whatever they do.

Hence, we want to let you know that we’re following strict safety and sanitation guidelines in conducting our business. Here are some of the recent steps that Bachelor Strippers Vegas has undertaken to ensure both staff and client are protected from the COVID-19 virus:

Fake Money Bills. We provide fake money bills especially for our more intimate adult games to avoid getting and spreading germs that are often present on real money.

Frequent Handwashing. Everyone in our team washes their hands frequently and sanitizes with alcohol. Our ladies wash their hands after touching any money, as well as before and after an event.

Multiple Outfit Sets. Our dancers carry multiple lingerie sets for a party and although they may change a few times during your event, they would never wear the same outfit to multiple parties before getting it washed. This is to make sure we don’t bring germs or virus from a previous event we attended.

Fresh Sheets. Aside from keeping the hotel room’s floor free of any mess, we bring clean sheets so that our girls are also protected whenever they lay down on the floor. It’s for the bachelor too, as he’ll likely be lying down for the most part of the party! Of course, these sheets are rotated between parties so that there are fresh sheets for every client.

Toys. We rotate all our toys and we use only high-end cleaners to keep them in good condition and ensure they’re sanitized for each event.

It also goes without saying that all our girls shower and get ready just hours before an event. That’s basically routine for our dancers, even before the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Hottest (and Safest) Dances in Las Vegas

Bachelor Strippers Vegas takes all these safety precautions seriously because we continue to offer fully-nude and high-contact entertainment. Several competitors have chosen to prohibit any touching and limit their offering to air dances in the meantime—but not us. We’re committed to still providing the ultimate stripper experience in Las Vegas while keeping both our dancers and our clients as safe as possible.

If you still have concerns about your safety, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to provide you with more information and to assure you that it’s safe, as it has always been, to book with Bachelor Strippers Vegas for the hottest and most unforgettable parties in Sin City.

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