Vegas Bachelor Strippers Safety First

Safety First

Clients always come first and here at Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas, we make sure that our clients’ safety, health, and privacy are never compromised. 

You can always rely on us to put your safety and privacy first. You can expect a positive and fun experience when you come party with us. Our team will do everything in their power to ensure that your night is smooth-sailing, so don’t worry about anything except having an amazing time!

Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas has a strict privacy policy and NEVER stores client information. Names, emails, or phone numbers are deleted immediately after an event to ensure your privacy is protected as we work hard at creating fun events for you! You can contact the company through its website if desired but also follow them on social media networks to be updated on exclusive deals and upcoming events.

No spam, no hassle. We won’t blast you with promotional texts or emails and Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas will never contact you unless you say hello first!

The Hottest (and Safest)
Dances in Las Vegas

Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas takes all these safety precautions seriously because we continue to offer  high-contact entertainment. Several competitors have chosen to prohibit any touching and limit their offering to air dances in the meantime—but not us. We’re committed to still providing the ultimate stripper experience in Las Vegas while keeping both our dancers and our clients as safe as possible.

If you still have concerns about your safety, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to provide you with more information and to assure you that it’s safe, as it has always been, to book with Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas for the hottest and most unforgettable parties in Sin City.

COVID-19 Safety First Precautions

Upon request, we can supply Rapid Testing - $50 per person

Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas Safety Protocols
We understand that safety is important and we always go above to make sure everyone's well-being is intact. With COVID-19 being an ongoing situation, it becomes even more crucial for us so you can enjoy your time without worrying or concerning yourselves with anything else other than what happens at your party!

The following are some steps that Bachelor Strippers Vegas has taken to ensure safety and sanitation. We follow strict COVID-19 virus protocols, so you can be confident knowing your event will go off without a hitch!
Fake Money Bills
We provide our clients with a sanitary alternative to using real money so everyone can play more safely and without worrying about getting sick.
Frequent Handwashing
We take safety and hygiene very seriously, which is why we disinfect our hands with alcohol before and during the event. We wash our hands frequently throughout each day to ensure that we don't get sick or contaminated while working with you!
Multiple Outfit Sets
When our dancers arrive at your event, they carry multiple sets of lingerie in case they have to change during the event. We never wear one set of clothing twice before it has been washed because this may introduce germs from a previous engagement we have attended. This way we don’t bring any germs or viruses from previous gigs!
Fresh Sheets
When we host parties, one of our main concerns is ensuring that the floor stays clean and free from any mess. For this reason, we bring fresh sheets to ensure the cleanliness of your chosen location and the safety of our strippers when they lay down on the floor.
With our extensive experience in the field, we can provide you with a toy rotation that will keep your guests happy and healthy. Our team uses only high-quality cleaners for all of their toys so they can stay clean during each event!

We're proud to say that all of our girls shower and get ready just hours before an event. That's basically routine for dancers, even before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Party Package

We will help you plan your event!

  • Bachelor/bachelorette party

  • private/corporate party

  • Couples & solo parties!

  • We’ve got you covered!


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