How To Pull Off The Best Bachelor Party In Las Vegas

las vegas bachelor party planning

The city of sin, Las Vegas is not just about shots and slot machines. Although sadly, the iconic Girls of Glitter Gulch and Olympic Gardens have recently closed their doors to the public, there are still more than enough places for those interested in nudity and have a time they’ll never forget.

In-room Stripping Service

The gentleman’s club is designed for seduction. The flashing lights, the nearly deafening music, and beautiful women make it a promising place to be if you’re looking for an open-ended good time surrounded by alcohol. But the agenda of a gentlemen’s club is not one that is hidden; the large buildings with no windows and winding staircases are attractive, flashy distractions designed to make you forget what time it is and how much money you have spent so far. or where you should be right now are all seeming like a dreamy illusion.

In the past, gentlemen’s clubs were a popular location for bachelor parties because of their secluded and private setting. In light of recent events, specifically the pandemic, however, these locations have been less desirable to party-goers who want more safety and privacy in their celebrations. Instead, they are opting for in-room stripper parties which provide a more safe and comfortable setting for everyone who wants to have a good time.

Private, in-room strippers are exactly what they sound like; strippers come to your private suite or room to perform their show. Each in-room stripper package is unique and has a wide variety of perks. For more information, check our Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas packages to book your service now!

Preparing For the Private, In-Room Stripper Party

You don’t need to think too much! Come in feeling relaxed, with a warm and pleasant attitude. We assure our entertainers are very friendly and great at leading interesting conversations; you may as well just lean back and enjoy the show!

Like any gentleman’s club, it is the common norm that you should bring some cash. The ATMs near the clubs and hotels usually charge a premium to take money out and it is generally impolite to show up empty-handed. This is because most performers earn more exclusively through tips.

Our performers will also really appreciate a clean bathroom to keep their belongings and other equipment. Other than that, we will take care of everything! Our performers will come fully equipped with lots of singles, speakers, toys, and lingerie (and maybe even some surprises).

The Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas Packages

Our fully nude Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas packages feature the best services you will ever have, including strip teases, lap dances, kinky adult toys, erotic games, and more! Meanwhile, we make sure we have the hottest, sexiest and naughtiest girls in Las Vegas ready to provide your company with a night that you will never forget. 

Solo Stripper Parties

Starting at $500, our solo stripper party package includes one exotic dancer in the comforts of your private space/room. The dancer of your choice will dance for you and tease you in every way imaginable.

Bachelor Parties

Starting at $1,000, our bachelor party package gets your bachelor front and center with all of the attention on him. All while the audience plays interactive games with the bachelor in the hot seat and gives him a stripper party he’ll never forget.

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