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las vegas couples shows

The lust-driven capital of the world, Las Vegas is a great place for couples to get away. Whether it’s an anniversary or honeymoon escape, there are plenty of fun activities in Sin City that can be enjoyed by both you and your partner.

You know it’s going to be a topic of conversation when you visit Las Vegas. “Honey, would you want to go to the gentlemen’s club?” After all, there are some amazing female entertainers and private dances that can make for great fun as a couple, or at least that is what everyone should think about!

In many cultures, gentlemen’s clubs have been around for centuries and are often a popular spot to socialize with friends. The demographic that frequents them is typically male while women find themselves in the establishment only infrequently.

Especially with cigarette smokes blowing around, large rambunctious crowds, and super loud music: this environment can be really overwhelming. Believe us when we say that we’ve seen our fair share of couples fighting in the club and know that no one needs their romantic night to get ruined by a situation out of anyone’s control.

Why Your Next Date Needs To Be At A Strip Club

It tests your confidence in your relationship

Women may feel intimidated and uncomfortable with the amount of bare female body parts parading in front of them on stage. But it’s important to keep in mind that these dancers are hired for a job, not to hook up with your date. Dancers in a club might seem like they’re going after your date but you can rest assured that he’s not leaving with them. Let the jealousy stay at home and enjoy the night!

You may both be inspired

Men and women alike can enjoy watching pole tricks for example. When people see these inspiring moves on stage, however, it may motivate some to try their hand at such acrobatics and in turn spice up their relationships!

Spice Up your Date Night With Our Private In-Room Services!

Ever wanted to have an unforgettable night without drama? Turn your hotel room into a sexy, exciting place with the help of our delightful female entertainers. You have the option of picking your favorite entertainer from our page and they’ll be sent directly to your room!

We can discuss the specifics right away; do you want it with subtle seduction? or maybe full-on raunchy? or somewhere in-between?

Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas can cater to your needs! Although there’s a little heads-up, sorry guys, the rule of thumb here is we ALWAYS go with the female’s preference level.

Slip yourself into something comfy, get a bottle or two, and relax until we arrive.  Once we arrive, the show will not be over until you say so! We can schedule as much time as you need so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the full experience of a spicy and eventful night.

Our shows are completely customizable. You can choose from a variety of music, ambiance, entertainment and even the performers themselves! Our goal is to make this experience perfect for you both – we want you to be happy and comfortable during your entire time with Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas’ couples show service.

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