Las Vegas Private Stripper Parties

private stripper party las vegas

How do Private Strippers Work?

Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas provides the service of hiring stripper dancers to come and entertain at bachelor parties. This company helps you choose which party package, dancer(s), and time frame are right for your occasion. The goal is that customers leave with a great experience they’ll never forget!

All prices are pre-negotiated ahead of time, so there is no need to discuss prices at the party. We provide real photos and our girls arrive within an hour. And, because we have all the connections in town, we can offer a full Vegas experience with penthouse suites or private stripper parties. At Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas, we don’t just bring the girls, but an epic party.

We have all sorts of party packages that you can choose from when planning your next big event. We offer everything from a couple’s intimate gathering to an extravagant experience with a penthouse suite. Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas makes sure that you get the full experience. Check out our packages to see what each one includes and serves your needs best.

What are the Benefits of Having an In-Room Private Stripper Party?

  • You can purchase your liquor and drink preferences beforehand and avoid paying insanely high prices for drinks at their bar.
  • No need for long, time-consuming lines/queues.
  • No surprise entry fees.
  • Your safety is secured, especially against Covid. Staying in a clean room with people you know is always the best way to have fun.
  • You’ll have undivided attention from our performers, in contrast to being seen as just another guy in the club.
  • You won’t need to leave the room and deal with the hassle of transportation to and from your hotel.

What’s the Ideal Number of Performers Per Package?

A common question asked of us is whether or not we send our strippers out in pairs. We get this a lot, and you are welcome to have your preference, but the truth is that whatever feels most comfortable for both parties involved works best. As a general rule of thumb, there should be 2 strippers for every 6 guys in your group. We are happy to help you decide how many would be perfect for your party requirements! Give us a call at (725) 208-5190 or contact us here on the website if you need any more information about our services and packages that we have available today.

Do You Require a Fee or Deposit to Reserve an Entertainer?

Strippers in Vegas are a great way to have fun with friends, but not everyone wants their bank statements to show the transaction! We want you to be able to talk about your night without worrying. Our fees won’t even appear on any kind of banking statement as you prefer!

When to Book an Event?

The sooner the better! You can make a reservation for an event as soon as you have confirmed when and where it will take place. Two or three weeks is ideal, but anything before that point should work out fine too.

Call us at (725) 208-5190 right now and book a date with Bachelor Party Strippers in Las Vegas today!

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