The Couple Strip Club Experience

The Couple Strip Club Experience 1

Games and bachelor parties might be the norm in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean that the city is no place for couples. Known for its nonstop parties, high-stake games, and exciting strip clubs, Sin City is also where couples can go to loosen up, and nothing makes for a sexier date time than the couple strip club experience.

Contrary to what most people think, the Vegas strip clubs aren’t just for the men. Women are welcome to enjoy the shows and drinks and have fun, and many either come in groups or with their special someone. After all, what’s a trip to Vegas without a night or two in the famous strip clubs? 

However, it’s also true that the strip clubs are dominated by men and that women often leave in the middle of a show, probably because of the smoke, the noise, the crowded space, or all those three. We’ve also seen our fair share of couples getting into a fight, putting an end to an otherwise exciting and romantic evening.

So, if you and your girl want to get the strip club experience but avoid the strip clubs, what then is your alternative? The answer is a private strip party.

Why Choose the Couple Strip Club Experience?

The private couple strip club experience is the perfect option for couples who want to get a taste of the strip clubs without the hassle of actually going in one. If you’re thinking of adding something sensual and unique to spice up a honeymoon trip or date night, here are three reasons why a couple strip club experience is a choice both you and your partner will enjoy.

  1. No hassle, only fun

Imagine enduring the terrible traffic in the city and possibly waiting for hours just to get a table in your chosen strip club, and it isn’t hard to see why some couples are already arguing even before they get to the front door. By booking a private party instead, you get to save all that wasted time. Once the arrangements have been made, you can just sit back and enjoy quality time together while waiting for our ladies to arrive and get the party started.

  1. Intimate setting

The thing about strip clubs is that although they are indeed fun, they’re also noisy, smokey and crowded places—definitely not the place for an intimate date. With private strip parties, you can have as much intimacy as you want since they happen right inside your hotel or home. Because there are no crowds and the setting is familiar, women are also more likely to be at ease and enjoy the show. Plus, you can pop open a bottle of champagne or get some wine flowing at your own convenience—no need to wait for someone to finally bring it to your table or head to the bar to have the bartender hand you a couple of drinks.

  1. Women get to choose

Sorry, gents, but the lady’s wishes win. You can throw in some suggestions on which strippers to invite for your couple strip club experience, but most organizers will ultimately follow your girl’s choices. Aside from the girls, she can also choose the kind of show, be it subtly sexy, full-on raunchy, or something in between. This is to make sure that the experience is fun and pleasant not just for you, but for your girl too.

Get the party going with our charming ladies! Be it an exciting show for your pals or a sexy, seductive number for you and your girl, Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers knows how to make your night (or day) in Vegas a truly unforgettable one.

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