Strip Club or Private Stripper

Bachelor parties are everywhere in Las Vegas and no party is ever amazing without a stripper or two. Strippers are a default in a bachelor party, and if you’re the one planning the blast for your pal, there’s one choice you’ll have to make at some point: strip club or private stripper?

Las Vegas is known for its strip clubs but you don’t really have to be in one to have an awesome bachelor party—you can actually bring the party to your hotel and have Sin City’s beautiful ladies all to yourselves.

Here are five things that can help you decide whether to head to a strip club or book a private stripper. 

Strip Club or Private Stripper: Which is Better?


Most men have their bachelor parties in strip clubs because aside from the girls, these establishments also have a large selection of drinks on offer. Be it whiskey or gin you’re looking for, chances are a strip club has it and more. Now, you can’t expect the same for a private stripper party, of course. Unless you’re willing to splash the cash on a mobile bar, your drink selection will be limited to what you can buy from liquor stores or order from the hotel’s bar.


Going to strip clubs in Las Vegas means dressing up, braving the traffic from, and patiently lining up at the entrance with all the other gentlemen who want to go in. Although it’s an experience in itself, wouldn’t you want to just do away with all that? By booking a private stripper, you don’t have to spend time or effort anymore on transportation and falling in line; you can sit back, relax, and drink with your pals while waiting for your dancer to arrive at your doorstep.

Choice of Girls

Here’s one thing to remember about strip clubs in Las Vegas: you won’t get to see the girls beforehand. So, imagine lining up outside, waiting for the girls to finally appear on stage, and burning some bills to finally have a lap dance, only to be disappointed because the dancer isn’t what you expected.

On the other hand, you get to choose and see the girls beforehand when you book a private stripper. There will be lots of pictures of the girls on their website, as well as some basic info about them. With a private stripper arrangement, what you see is what you get.


In a strip club, you and your pals have to compete with lots of other patrons for the girls’ attention. In a private party, you have all the attention of the girls.


A 3-minute lap dance in a strip club costs $20, but you’re expected to shell out another $20 for the tip. To get the most of it, patrons go for the 5-minute lap dance which costs $100 all in. Now, imagine that amount getting multiplied by how many you are in the group and how many lap dances you plan to have. Then, add the entrance fee and estimate how much you’ll spend on drinks. A private stripper sounds a little more appealing to your budget at this point, doesn’t it?

You can always spend one night in a strip club and have a private stripper party on another night. If you have to choose though and you have limited time and budget, it’s best to book a private stripper for a bachelor party. Aside from being more budget-friendly, a private stripper party allows for a more fun, personal, and up-close experience.

Let Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers give you the most amazing strip club experience in your hotel. Check out our website, choose your strippers, and be ready for a show you’ll never forget.

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